Chicago Allstate Arena

18th 2002
Guns n Roses concert review


Chicago Concert Review #2

By Ghost_Face on

They quickly made away with the old songs. Blazing through the set list. I wont' bother posting it, you can get it somewhere else. They played all songs flawlessly and the crowd was with this band all the way. I was waiting especially for the new songs, and oh man did they deliver. Madagascar was excellent, the Blues was so emotional, (fincks solo work at the end came out, it rocked, like on the Boston Promo), but i was truely waiting for Chinese Democracy. Oh man this song is so heavy! I loved it, I was singin along too Bober One song hit me hard in particular though, November Rain. I dont' know what it is, it just hit me in the chest like a sledge hammer. It was great. Axl played around with the crowd before hand with a little piano jive. It was sweet.

Buckethead and Finck played their asses off and had kick ass solos. After B-Head's dance and solo act he began to throw out the "toys." He dragged the bag around as if it was a dead body. After all the toys were gone, he put the bag on his head and started moving around and waving to the crowd. The guy is so f**kin weird, but awesome. The crowd was laughing it up. Finck played his heart out and was so into it. Jamming, moving around, he is their "shining star" so to speak. Well for me anyways. I gained alot more respect for him after this show. He rocks so much ass.

Axl didn't speak much at all. And when he tried to, you couldn't hear him because the crowd was so f**kin loud. At one point he got pissed at some people who were throwin nuts up on the far right of the stage and he just said they needed to stop that nuts or something. He did say that in a way this was a reunion. Because he got enough sanity or something in his head to actually pull it off. That kind of shocked me, because he dismissed the old band totally. Anybody who thinks a reunion would ever happen is so mistaken, because apparently it all ready has happened in AXL's mind. A few bloopers did occur that made me laugh. I might be mistaken on the songs that they took place, but I think on I Think about You, Axl almost tripped when running across the stage. On Patience, Finck and AXL ran into each other when they crossed paths near the end of the song. It was funny. Axl and Tommy skipped across the stage with each other and they all interacted with each other. Durning Nighttrain, AXL got pissed at somebody in the back and was like, "I'll have a chat with you later." Something along those lines. I wonder why he keeps going back there. Possibly for oxygen, who knows.

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