Boston Fleet Center

December 2nd
Guns n Roses concert
Massachusetts, USA


Boston Concert Review #3

By "Dan"

Fleet Center: looked sold out...about 18,000 I would guess. The seats behind the stage obviously were not filled cause you couldn't see the stage from there, so they never went on sale. 

During the guns show there was this revolving camera trick that was used and shown up on the big screens on either side of the stage.  Very cool to watch.

CKY: The stadium was only half filled when CKY played.  Although I was not too familiar with them, I still enjoyed their set. They were very into it, jumping around and shit. The crowd appreciated their enthusiasm. When CKY plugged Axl and Guns n Roses a few times, the crowd went nuts.

Mix Master Mike: the crowd was pretty filled by this point.  The man is unbelievable at what he does by the way. The crowd loved it and they were dancing around to some of the songs. He played thunder kiss 65 again, seek and destroy, a few rage songs, some Led Zeppelin and some beastie boys. He was unreal. Everyone loved it or at least marveled at and respected his precision. He got a great response.

Guns n Roses: Guns came on at 10:42.  This was the first time I had ever seen them perform and I went to the show with 6 other people. Only one of my others friends was into the band like I am. The other people who came were just appetite fans who wanted to get drunk at the show. I was also sitting around a few late 20's early 30 year old guys in dead center. The guys and my drunk friends agreed that they were kind of pissed that Axl was doing this tour and that the old band would've been a better concert to see. However, by the time the show ended they changed their tune and said it was the best guns show they had ever been to and for my friends who had never seen them, it was the best show of their lives.

So basically we all had a great time and got our money's worth. The set list was about the same as the all the others. Axl was in a seemingly goofy mood and it was great. The guys were tight and they played off one another like it was second nature. Axl came out in a red sox jersey to start, which I hated cause I am a Yankees fan, haha.

He then switched into a Celtics Paul pierce jersey and finally a bruins jersey. Axl, by the way, sounded unbelievable.  there were no sound problems during any songs and he nailed all the lyrics, I know cause I was singing along the whole time. He was laughing and goofing around the whole show.  He would introduce the guys in this weird accent, it was hysterical and the crowd loved it.  at the end of the show Axl told this story about Izzy getting smashed before every show.  they would have two roadies stand at Izzy's amps and Izzy would turn up his amps during each song.  He would then turn around and start playing the wrong songs so the roadies would turn his amp back down.

I laughed pretty hard at this story.  Axl introduced Buckethead as an alien who grew up with chickens again and then bucket launched into his nunchuck routine and then his solo. (there were several Bucketheads in the crowd)  his solo was maybe the most intense thing I had ever seen.  his fingers moved so god damn fast, I couldn't believe my eyes.  once again, the crowd went crazy, especially when he launched into the familiar songs at the end of his solo.  he passed out a bag of goodies after he finished.  it looked like rubber hands and some other weird shit.  it was great and very much his own style.  when brain was introduced, he did the Andrew dice clay smoking thing.  that's when he reaches around his head to get a drag from the butt, Axl laughed out loud when brain did that.  the three new songs were received pretty well, and everyone was nodding their heads and punching their fists to
Chinese Democracy. The intro to November Rain was funny cause Axl kept stopping and starring at the crowd.  again, the crowd would go crazy at every pause.  at one point Axl mentioned his love for British Columbia and how excited he was that the tour got started off so well.  everyone laughed and cheered for him.

Overall, I have never been to a better show in my life. It was performed without any problems and the band was just so into each other.  every member seemed to love being on stage and playing with the other guys.  the chemistry was just so much fun to watch.  Stinson and Fortus were huge surprises to me. I didn't think they would be so into it.  they were constantly jumping around and jamming.

The old songs were played perfectly, however, each guitarists' solo work was clearly their own style and refreshingly different from the old slash versions. This was not a nostalgia show. This was not a glorified cover band or an over powering giant.  the critics are wrong.

Guns n roses is back and they are literally better than before. If the old band could play like these new guys, they never would have left the band in the first place. Axl is obviously doing every thing right and I am now a complete believer.  this was practically a religious experience for me, I was that moved.  to be honest, I am glad things took as long as they did and I am glad the old members are gone. Worth the wait, worth the torture and the money.

Thank you Axl rose and guns n roses. That may have been the best night of my life.

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June 17, 2006 10:12:15 AM