Boston Fleet Center

December 2nd
Guns n Roses concert
Massachusetts, USA


Boston Concert Review #2

By "Jim Dermody"

After the MTV appearance I was a bit nervous about being disappointed in Boston. There was no need to be. The last time I had seen GNR live was 10 years ago and I was hoping this would be a rebirth. After the third opening act of bare breasts, the crowd was itching in anticipation of GNR.

They finally arrived at 10:45 to a standing ovation and a respectable version of Welcome To The Jungle. The first few songs were adequate and then the show really began. Axl's voice, while overpowered in the early songs by too many guitars, was strong from Think About You through the remainder of the night. His mood was surprisingly playful and light and he truly seemed to be enjoying himself. There were no tirades and no sense that the night may end early. Standouts were November Rain, My Michelle, Nighttrain, and Paradise City.

The new members are still finding themselves and their stage personas individually as well as a band. Buckethead seemed out of place at times and stood behind the band with Brian often. The most impressive perfomer was clearly Robin Finck. His searing guitar riffs and energy was received with great enthusiasm from the crowd. Fortus and Stinson performed well and the Brain excelled for the entire set.

What was most promising for the future of GNR was their new songs. Madagascar, The Blues, and Chinese Democracy are proof that they will once again be on top of the music world. That is, of course, when the album is released. There is no appetite, pardon the pun, for a band to tour solely on music that is nearing 20 years old. The fans are there because they want the new music. They want the next song. They want what Axl and the rest of Guns N' Roses has to offer - and they're going to get it.

There will be non-stop comparisons to the old band for however long this incarnation stays together. My observations are this: the music itself sounds better now than it ever did. The musicians are more talented than even the beloved Slash. The sound that these guys put out is stirring but that is not all that a band is about and this is why many are no longer fans. If they closed their eyes and just listened none would say they prefer the "old" sound. Those who are wishing for the "old" band are trying to relive what once was. That time is gone. What's not is the fire in Axl Rose and the intense music that is Guns N' Roses.

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June 17, 2006 10:12:15 AM