Auburn Hills Michigan

21st 2002
Guns n Roses concert review
Auburn Hills,


Auburn Hills / Detroit Concert Review #3

By Matt Giroux

About what happened during Patience:

This is what I can tell you from my point of view. I was first row center. During the beginning of Patience it sounded like the band was intending to more of a stripped down version of the song. Not a whole lot of guitars many just vocals.

Robin would come in here and there and hit some notes, same with Tommy. Richard Fortus went to the left side of the stage and sat down to play. Then I realized what was going on. (What I believe was going on).

Richard was playing the hell out of his guitar but no one could hear it. I don't know if he even realized the no one else could hear his because he never looked around to his other band mates. So this just goes to show you how important a rhythm guitar is to a band. It seemed without that rhythm the band and Axl had a hard time knowing where they were in the song.

Then the shit hit the fan and Axl went to sing one verse when the band played another. Right then I watched Tommy and his face was priceless. He had a big smile on his face like he was going to bust out laughing and brought his hand to his face to hide it. That's when Axl looked at Tommy and pointed to the teleprompter. I thought it was over right then. During the guitar solo Robin tried to save it by giving everything he had (sounded awesome).

The entire band got back on track and continued to play, not knowing if Axl was going to come back out or not. He did. Sang the last part (very well by the way, like nothing had happened) then turned around throw his mike up in the air and walked off stage. The house lights came on about 45 seconds to 1 minute later. Boy where people pissed.

Overall I thought the show kicked ass. By far the best version of live and let die I have ever heard. Axl would hold his screams for longer then I've ever heard him before. His vocals were absolutely perfect. Thanks for your time everyone. I'm off to go and get ready for my 5 hour drive to Pittsburgh to see GNR again, then off to Cleveland. I'll let you know if he talks about the Palace song. Peace out!

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