Auburn Hills Michigan

21st 2002
Guns n Roses concert review
Auburn Hills,


Auburn Hills / Detroit Concert Review #2

By Ryan

The Palace concert was all that one would expect from GnR!!!

It was an intense blend of musical greatness from Fink and Buckethead, infused with the screaming goose bump causing lyrical excellence of Axl Rose.  Axl was energized and sounded fantastic, hitting his patented high notes and running around like he never missed 10 years.

The facial expressions and showmanship of AXL was what I always knew and dreamed it would be.  Of course Axl and the supporting members of GnR were late coming on, but hey  some things never change and quite frankly shouldn't. 

I was standing about a foot from the barricades were my friends and fellow GnR apostles had to interlock arms preventing drunk assholes from pushing there way in front of us, well at least they showed some life.  Most of the half assed "fans" that showed up shouldn't have been allowed in the fucking arena, they didn't deserve to be graced by Axl's vocals or the riffs and pure excitement the show should have inspired.

The Palace was not only quiet, but it was disgustingly unmoved, by the Rock City resurrection of Axl.  IT WAS PURE ROCK AND ROLL HEAVEN.  Sure, it might have started late, had some technical flaws, occasionally, and missed the Paradise City encore, but I wouldn't have had it any other way, it was a TRUE GnR show.  And for all you fake mainstream fans, thanks for fucking up the atmosphere, for the true fans you have waited for almost ten years.


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