MTV Music Video Avards Concert Review #1


I was stoked when I saw them start, and if I squinted I could see slash, duff, and the rest.  Buckethead tried to outslash slash (and did a g-damn good job at it too.), and axl's voice is better than it was in the illusion days.  However, as to axl's voice- where it would once crack at the high notes, it now kinda fades out in a sense.  He still definately has it, and the skill of the new band was remarkable.  Dare I say they were equal to or better than the original (but I remember nothing is ever as good as the original). 

The crowd was high energy and looked like they finally realized what music was (and should be).  After a night filled with rock/rap groups, poor performaces by just about everyone; Guns N' Roses playing made the few hour misery that is the MTV VMA bearable and even worth the wait.  it's all downhill from here, Guns N' Roses is back and Axl Rose will be on top of the rock world once again!

Luigi Tollis


Source: Luigi Tollis



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